Spontaneous Order in a Skyscraper Slum

A wonderful former student, Jim Vinoski, sent me the following message today; I pass it on with my recommendation. The story he links us to is remarkable in a number of ways. Do watch the video (you must scroll down to read the story and get to the video link).

I came across this link this morning (http://www.fastcodesign.com/1673214/a-video-tour-of-caracass-skyscraper-slum-reveals-its-complexities?utm_source=feedburner#1) and it made me think of what I’m currently reading in your book about spontaneous order and how people will self-organize without government intervention.  Be sure to watch the video — it’s interesting how the architect in it wants to force his will on the people, who seem perfectly happy doing what they’re doing.  Obviously the lack of ownership and the probable theft of electricity and water aren’t in keeping with market principles, but still…

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