Senator Tom Cotton and Rep. Mike Pompeo Spread Four Myths About Immigration

In September 2016, Senator Tom Cotton and Rep. Mike Pompeo advocated immigration restrictions in Wall Street Journal op-ed. Their argument reaches wrong conclusions from wrong premises, as I explain in a letter to the editor. Here is the abbreviated version of the letter published in the WSJ. Learn Liberty published the full text of the letter in October. A slice:

[A]s Julian Simon has taught us, human beings are “the ultimate resource.” The human imagination coupled with the human spirit turn natural resources into goods and services.

Immigrants don’t “strain a country’s resources” unless they are not allowed to work, whether by high minimum wages, occupational licensing, union restrictions, or direct prohibitions on immigrant labor, as in various European countries. If they support themselves by work, they create value for others. Any immigrant willing to live and work peacefully should be welcomed as a new resource.

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