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Here is a letter to the Baltimore Sun:

To the editor:

By its decision to regulate Uber as a “common carrier” (“Uber is ‘common carrier,’ commission rules,” Thursday, August 7), the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) stands athwart the tide of technology and history. Allowed to stand, the ruling would harm Marylanders. Why restrict Uber’s freedom of operation at all? The public love Uber’s quick, reliable service. Virtually no one is complaining apart from taxicab companies.

In our time of the Internet, global positioning systems and smartphones, the PSC’s decision to prevent Uber from using its celebrated “surge pricing” to assure prompt service all across the area is nuts. It makes as much sense as hindering the replacement of horses and buggies with cars, phonograph records with MP3s, typewriters with word processors, or film photography with digital photography.

Until and unless Uber causes problems for the consuming public, the PSC should get out of the way.


Howard Baetjer Jr.
Department of Economics
Towson University

Update: The Sun published the letter; here it is.

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  1. Sean Lansberry says:

    Short, sweet, and to the point. A pint I whole heartedly agree with. Keep up the good work!

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