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The Welfare Cliff, a.k.a. the Low-Wage Trap

Pretend you are a poor, single parent of two in Chicago, earning $12 an hour, working full time, and determined to do what is best for your family. And suppose your employer, impressed with your work, offers you training for and promotion to a new job paying $15. Should you take the offer? It soundsContinue Reading

Wisdom from Fr. Robert Sirico

A growing welfare state is not good for the poor, nor is it good for those with a moral obligation to help the poor. The Good Samaritan did not call the local welfare office to help the robbed and beaten man. The early church didn’t offload its widows onto a government bureaucracy, nor advocate forContinue Reading

The Welfare Trap, Maryland Style, 2013

Cato Institute’s Michael Tanner had an excellent, painful-to-read article in The Baltimore Sun yesterday on one dreadful downside of the effort to help the poor through government welfare programs. That is, the terrible disincentive for welfare recipients to begin to support themselves. The article is entitled, “In Maryland, it pays not to work.” I commentContinue Reading

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