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Government Regulators are Themselves Unregulated; That’s a Problem

Here’s a delayed posting of a link to a second article in The Freeman online about regulation. The first, “There Is No Such Thing as an Unregulated Market,” made the point that “If a market is free, it is closely regulated by the free choices of market participants.” This means that “Government regulation is not the only kind ofContinue Reading

Make Parents Responsible for Schools

Here’s a recent letter to the Baltimore Sun: May 11, 2016 Editor, the Baltimore Sun Dear Editor, Kurt Schmoke, Matt Gallagher and Tom Wilcox ask “Who’s responsible for city schools?” (Commentary, May 9, 2016). The broad answer to that question is also the fundamental reason why our city schools stay mediocre to poor, decade afterContinue Reading

What Is “Progress”?

I’m taking a quick break from grading Comparative Economic Systems book essays to pass along from one of my most thoughtful students his “favorite quote from the book.” He added it after the end of his paper. It is a great quotation. It’s from p. 57 of Virginia Postrel’s wonderful The Future and Its Enemies: We make progressContinue Reading

Three Strong Arguments (of Many) for Immigration Reform

The Senate’s just having passed an immigration reform bill, it looks as if Congress might lighten the foolish, inhumane restrictions they have imposed for decades on the liberty of movement across our national border. The issue is tremendously important to the well-being of all people, so in hope of having an influence on the debate,Continue Reading

Letter to Rand Paul on Immigration

Somehow I got onto Rand Paul’s email list. I get regular solicitations from him on one matter after another. Today I got one with this request: I hope you’ll take a few moments to read my op-ed [in The Washington Times]… and, chip in a contribution so I can continue to lead the fight toContinue Reading

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