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Central Planning Does Not Work for Schooling, Either

Here is the opening of a recent post at Learn Liberty’s blog: In Kentucky, says scholar Caleb Brown, it’s easy to find a barista who has a bachelor’s degree, but manufacturing companies can’t find the machinists they desperately need — whose pay would start at $60,000–$80,000 a year. That slice of modern economic life comesContinue Reading

Is College Worth It?

Towson University’s commencement, a lovely event on a perfect May afternoon, aroused mixed emotions in me this year, thanks to Bryan Caplan. I had recently listened, twice, to his excellent talk at a Cato Institute event whose topic is the title of this blog post. So while I was proud of my university and happyContinue Reading

Wasting the Ultimate Resource

I heard this afternoon from one of my fine former students. He is now working in the mortgage banking industry. After I wrote back to say that Part III of Free Our Markets is about the interventions that caused the housing boom and the financial crisis of 2008, he wrote back to say this: I’m definitelyContinue Reading

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