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Central Planning Does Not Work for Schooling, Either

Here is the opening of a recent post at Learn Liberty’s blog: In Kentucky, says scholar Caleb Brown, it’s easy to find a barista who has a bachelor’s degree, but manufacturing companies can’t find the machinists they desperately need — whose pay would start at $60,000–$80,000 a year. That slice of modern economic life comesContinue Reading

Minimum Wage Laws Are Immoral

Here is an open letter to a respected friend with whom I have strong differences about minimum wage laws. It was recently published at the Learn Liberty blog. A slice: Your indignation at allowing companies to pay (and workers to accept) wages below “a living wage” seems based in an assumption that all employers canContinue Reading

Why Would Maryland Lose Jobs to Virginia?

I received this afternoon an inquiry from a staff writer from The Towerlight, Towson University’s school newspaper. He writes, I am currently working on article that focuses on the number of jobs Maryland lost in January, just under 10,000—9,800, as The [Baltimore] Sun reports. … According to [the] article in The Sun one of theContinue Reading

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