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Value in a Free Market

Here is a response to a comment posted by TheOneSpam on May 30, 2016, on “What If There Were No Prices?“, a Learn Liberty video by Tomasz Kaye and me: +TheOneSpam I’m one of the authors of this video; I like much of what you say; here are my responses to your comments: “how “value”Continue Reading

Liquid Assets

The Freeman has published a piece in which I contrast the disorderly allocation of water with the orderly allocation of gasoline. A slice: Now what about water in drought-stricken states? Water prices are set by “authorities” at arbitrary prices that don’t change to reflect water availability. The authorities allocate water to various uses. But howContinue Reading

Private Ownership is Key – Forest Fire Illustration

Why do national forests burn, but private forests don’t? Something like that was the title of an op-ed I read some years ago (but cannot now find) when the west was suffering a terrible forest fire season. The author, probably Terry Anderson or one of the other fine scholars at PERC, explained that in privateContinue Reading

How to Privatize Fish in the Ocean

Economists, especially those in the Adam Smith – F.A. Hayek tradition, emphasize the importance of private ownership rights for motivating the conservation and careful use of resources. I stress this to my micro principles students every term: If we want to avoid over-use of natural resources, we must privatize them so they have owners withContinue Reading

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