Minimum Wage Laws Are Immoral, Part II

Two weeks ago I posted on Learn Liberty’s blog this open letter rejoinder to my friend Adam, who strongly objected to a claim I had made in a Facebook post that minimum wage laws are immoral. Adam responded to that rejoinder, and I replied again in turn with this second open letter. A slice:

Adam: I accept the disemployment, such as it is, because a job that doesn’t pay you enough to live at a basic level is in many respects worse than no job at all.

HB: You “accept the disemployment.” That is to say, you support a policy which will consign some number of poorly educated or otherwise disadvantaged people to unemployment…
I don’t believe you. I don’t believe that you could bring yourself to enforce it, to physically prevent some real person from taking a job he or she wants to take, to prevent a would-be employer from paying him, just because the wage they agree on is below some arbitrary amount.

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