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Value in a Free Market

Here is a response to a comment posted by TheOneSpam on May 30, 2016, on “What If There Were No Prices?“, a Learn Liberty video by Tomasz Kaye and me: +TheOneSpam I’m one of the authors of this video; I like much of what you say; here are my responses to your comments: “how “value”Continue Reading

Is College Worth It?

Towson University’s commencement, a lovely event on a perfect May afternoon, aroused mixed emotions in me this year, thanks to Bryan Caplan. I had recently listened, twice, to his excellent talk at a Cato Institute event whose topic is the title of this blog post. So while I was proud of my university and happyContinue Reading

Distinguishing Free-Market and Crony Capitalism

The distinction between free market capitalism and crony capitalism is crucial to the public understanding of the economy. Free market capitalism consists of voluntary exchanges from which participants expect to benefit. These generally lead to improving living standards for all. Crony capitalism consists of involuntary “exchanges” that use government to take from some (against theirContinue Reading

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