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Great Book: The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

This past Christmas break I treated myself to a (third?) re-reading of Robert Heinlein’s science fiction classic, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. What a yarn. The rising generation needs to know about it, I thought, so I wrote a plug for it at Learn Liberty. A slice: [D]on’t miss this book. Not only is itContinue Reading

Government, Stop Trying To Help Uber

Here is a letter to the editor of the Baltimore Sun, published at FEE’s Anything Peaceful and by the Sun yesterday (the online version somehow dropped the first paragraphs): An open letter to State Senator Bill Ferguson and Delegate Kathy Szeliga: Thank you for your commentary, “Give ridesharing a home in Maryland,” (Baltimore Sun, April 3). While it is gratifyingContinue Reading

Of Fiat Currencies and Central Banks

A grad student in Italy just asked me to suggest topics for research in Money and Banking. Here is my reply: Dear Alessandro, I think the most important topic in Money and Banking in our time is how to replace fiat currencies and central banks with some kind of base money that cannot be debasedContinue Reading

“Social Justice”?

Here is a piece I have submitted to the spring issue of Towson’s Honors College Magazine. The theme for this issue is social justice: What’s the difference between “social justice” and justice? Can something “socially just” be otherwise unjust? Why use the modifier “social” at all? Why not speak simply of justice? In Law, Legislation,Continue Reading

Spontaneous Order in a Skyscraper Slum

A wonderful former student, Jim Vinoski, sent me the following message today; I pass it on with my recommendation. The story he links us to is remarkable in a number of ways. Do watch the video (you must scroll down to read the story and get to the video link). I came across this linkContinue Reading

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