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All We Need to Know About “Net Neutrality”

In thinking about the controversy over “net neutrality” that President Obama stirred up on Monday, we should keep in mind that private ownership and freedom of exchange are the foundations of a free society. Internet service providers own their fiber optic cables, switches, and so on, the physical infrastructure of the Internet. It’s their property.Continue Reading

Undermining Terrorism With Property Rights

If young men in the Arab world had meaningful prospects of economic advancement, they would not be drawn into jihadi groups. Hence the key to successfully opposing ISIS and other extremist groups is to set up the institutions necessary for free-market capitalism: private ownership and freedom of exchange. So argues the great Peruvian Hernando deContinue Reading

Some Venting

I learned today that I must now pay estimated taxes on the income of a trust for which I am trustee. I wrote a check yielding up $500 to the I.R.S. Not sure why I need to pay estimated taxes this year, when I did not have to do so last year, I wrote Craig,Continue Reading

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