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Regulation of Lodging by the Market Process

Does the lodging industry—hotels and such—need government regulation? I don’t think so, and I’m more convinced than before after listening yesterday to a fascinating EconTalk conversation ( between host Russ Roberts and Nathan Blecharczyck, a founder of the lodging service AirBnB. Blecharczyck explains that every AirBnB customer rates every property in which she stays, forContinue Reading

The Need to Regulate Destructive Regulation

Here is a letter to the Wall Street Journal today: To the Editor: The legal hassling you describe of ride-sharing services such as Sidecar, Uber, and Lyft (“Ride-Sharing Services Face Legal Threat From San Francisco, Los Angeles,” Sep. 25, 2014) is farcical. What should be shut down is not the ride services, but the regulations and taxicabContinue Reading

No Public Service Here

Here is a letter to the Baltimore Sun: To the editor: By its decision to regulate Uber as a “common carrier” (“Uber is ‘common carrier,’ commission rules,” Thursday, August 7), the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) stands athwart the tide of technology and history. Allowed to stand, the ruling would harm Marylanders. Why restrict Uber’s freedomContinue Reading

Let Market Forces Regulate – Cosmetologists

Here’s a guest post by my former student, John K. Ross: The alt weekly DigBoston recently ran a nice piece week shedding light on cosmetology schools’ sometimes-predatory relationships with their students. One school charges $12,000 for a 33-week course that satisfies Massachusetts’ licensing requirements. Aspiring cosmetologists in the commonwealth must complete 1,000 hours of trainingContinue Reading

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