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How Blocking Immigration Violates the Rights of the Native-Born

Like most public policies, immigration policy can be illuminated by thinking about the property rights involved. What are the implications for immigration policy of your right to use your property as you see fit? I explore the question in a recent piece at the Learn Liberty blog. Here are two slices: Imagine a representative scenario: A groupContinue Reading

Trump’s Proposed Wall and Tax Are Folly

After “The White House … floated the idea of imposing a 20 percent tax on goods from Mexico to pay for a wall at the southern U.S. border” in January, I went on record about the idea at Learn Liberty also posted the piece. A slice: [Y]es, immigrants do take some jobs that peopleContinue Reading

Senator Tom Cotton and Rep. Mike Pompeo Spread Four Myths About Immigration

In September 2016, Senator Tom Cotton and Rep. Mike Pompeo advocated immigration restrictions in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. Their argument reaches wrong conclusions from wrong premises, as I explain in a letter to the editor. Here is the abbreviated version of the letter published in the WSJ. Learn Liberty published the full text of the letter in October. AContinue Reading

Immigration Impasse

A cousin recently wrote me to ask what I think of the New York Times opinion piece, “Break the Immigration Impasse,” by Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Here is my reply: Dear George, As you might expect, I like this piece. It makes eminent good sense. It’s just nuts—on its face it’s nuts—to send away reallyContinue Reading

Immigration Ethics from Bryan Caplan

It is good to hear an economist putting generous consideration of one’s fellow man ahead of pragmatic economic arguments. Bryan Caplan did that in his debate on Intelligence Squared last October, which I got to listen to this past weekend. (The audio is available at no charge here and on iTunes.) The resolution under debateContinue Reading

Three Strong Arguments (of Many) for Immigration Reform

The Senate’s just having passed an immigration reform bill, it looks as if Congress might lighten the foolish, inhumane restrictions they have imposed for decades on the liberty of movement across our national border. The issue is tremendously important to the well-being of all people, so in hope of having an influence on the debate,Continue Reading

Letter to Rand Paul on Immigration

Somehow I got onto Rand Paul’s email list. I get regular solicitations from him on one matter after another. Today I got one with this request: I hope you’ll take a few moments to read my op-ed [in The Washington Times]… and, chip in a contribution so I can continue to lead the fight toContinue Reading

Adam Smith on Congress on Immigration

Checking a reference for my book in The Wealth of Nations today, I came across a passage which shouted to me in response to this morning’s Wall Street Journal article about the continuing failure of those creatures in Congress to take down America’s answer to the Berlin Wall (“Prospects for Immigration Deal Blur”). Here is theContinue Reading

Immigration and Jobs

In an earlier post I asserted that immigration policy should be open borders to all peaceful people who want to come here to work. I noted that “This is not to say that some Americans won’t lose jobs to immigrants in the process.” Here is the promised discussion of the effects of immigration on domesticContinue Reading

A First Rule for Immigration Policy

In response to this post on Addressism, my former student Sean writes: “I will be interested to see how you would consider drafting an immigration policy (assuming that we cannot simply open up all borders).” Why assume that? At least, why not open up the borders to all who want to come here to work?Continue Reading

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