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Central Planning Does Not Work for Schooling, Either

Here is the opening of a recent post at Learn Liberty’s blog: In Kentucky, says scholar Caleb Brown, it’s easy to find a barista who has a bachelor’s degree, but manufacturing companies can’t find the machinists they desperately need — whose pay would start at $60,000–$80,000 a year. That slice of modern economic life comesContinue Reading

More on Campus Free Speech

After the exchange about free speech on campuses that I put into this earlier post, Cliff wrote back at length. With his permission I respond here so that others can look in on the conversation. Here are the substantive portions of Cliff’s message, indented, with my reactions not indented: (1) There are a lot ofContinue Reading

Federal Aid & For-Profit Colleges

A roommate and teammate from college days recently sent me and others a link to this New York Times editorial: Lessons of a For-Profit College Collapse. His subject line I have used to title this post. Here is my reply: Perk, As both as a staunch defender of profit and loss in free markets, andContinue Reading

Is College Worth It?

Towson University’s commencement, a lovely event on a perfect May afternoon, aroused mixed emotions in me this year, thanks to Bryan Caplan. I had recently listened, twice, to his excellent talk at a Cato Institute event whose topic is the title of this blog post. So while I was proud of my university and happyContinue Reading

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