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Central Planning Does Not Work for Schooling, Either

Here is the opening of a recent post at Learn Liberty’s blog: In Kentucky, says scholar Caleb Brown, it’s easy to find a barista who has a bachelor’s degree, but manufacturing companies can’t find the machinists they desperately need — whose pay would start at $60,000–$80,000 a year. That slice of modern economic life comesContinue Reading

Government Regulators are Themselves Unregulated; That’s a Problem

Here’s a delayed posting of a link to a second article in The Freeman online about regulation. The first, “There Is No Such Thing as an Unregulated Market,” made the point that “If a market is free, it is closely regulated by the free choices of market participants.” This means that “Government regulation is not the only kind ofContinue Reading

Make Parents Responsible for Schools

Here’s a recent letter to the Baltimore Sun: May 11, 2016 Editor, the Baltimore Sun Dear Editor, Kurt Schmoke, Matt Gallagher and Tom Wilcox ask “Who’s responsible for city schools?” (Commentary, May 9, 2016). The broad answer to that question is also the fundamental reason why our city schools stay mediocre to poor, decade afterContinue Reading

Might Freedom Fix A (Former) Teacher’s Broken Heart?

America is mostly free, but not as free as we should be. One of the tragedies of a crucial area of un-freedom in America is described in agonizing detail in a former PreK and kindergarten teacher’s explanation of why she just quit the job she has loved. The account makes up most of this WashingtonContinue Reading

I Recommend EconTalk – Especially This Week on Teaching

The economy is endlessly fascinating. I love learning about it, coming to understand it better, and realizing, with all I learn, how much more there is to know. Presumably most readers of this post also enjoy learning about the economy. For those who do I recommend EconTalk. EconTalk is a weekly podcast of conversations between RussContinue Reading

School privatization and low-income families

One of my best students this term, a senior named Ben, is interested in education. Here is an exchange between him and me today. My responses are indented and/or in blue. Ben’s words are the rest. I finished reading the education chapter of your book and, to my initial shock, found myself agreeing with manyContinue Reading

Excerpt: For-profit Schools for the World’s Poorest?

Yes, remarkably. Professor James Tooley of Newcastle University has done intriguing research on private schooling in some of the poorest areas of the world, in India, Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. His team of researchers mapped populated areas and then walked through them, street by street, counting schools in three categories: government schools, schools that areContinue Reading

Excerpt of the Day, on Schooling, With a Cameo by Matt Damon

The final chapter of Free Our Markets, entitled “Hope for the Future,” is on what we might expect from free-market education. Here is a bit from early in the chapter: The essential reform is to let parents, not bureaucrats, decide where tuition dollars get spent. Here’s a simple way to think about how this couldContinue Reading

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