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Government, Stop Trying To Help Uber

Here is a letter to the editor of the Baltimore Sun, published at FEE’s Anything Peaceful and by the Sun yesterday (the online version somehow dropped the first paragraphs): An open letter to State Senator Bill Ferguson and Delegate Kathy Szeliga: Thank you for your commentary, “Give ridesharing a home in Maryland,” (Baltimore Sun, April 3). While it is gratifyingContinue Reading

Policy Fixes For the Current Economy, in Twenty Minutes

A little past four today a college student friend from summer camp asked me for my ideas on how to fix the current economy—in time to go into a project due in a 4:30 class! The following whirlwind exchange ensued. Readers might find it entertaining. I’m going to post it verbatim, and I’ll be interestedContinue Reading

I Recommend EconTalk – Especially This Week on Teaching

The economy is endlessly fascinating. I love learning about it, coming to understand it better, and realizing, with all I learn, how much more there is to know. Presumably most readers of this post also enjoy learning about the economy. For those who do I recommend EconTalk. EconTalk is a weekly podcast of conversations between RussContinue Reading

Free enterprise. Repeal licensing.

How governments destroy enterprises and the jobs they create is calmly, and infuriatingly, illustrated in this recent video from the Institute for Justice about appalling business licensing in Chicago. Toward the end, IJ’s voiceover says, “To allow entrepreneurs … to flourish, local governments have to change their approach to licensing business start-ups.” Rarely do IContinue Reading

Let Market Forces Regulate – Health Insurance Standards

In a healthy economy, who should determine health insurance standards, and how? Reporting this morning on Washington’s scramble to make it legally permissible for Americans to keep individual health insurance policies now being cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act, the Wall Street Journal refers to “health insurance policies that don’t meet the new law’sContinue Reading

Let Market Forces Regulate – Buckyballs

The Wall Street Journal’s weekend interview for yesterday and today, “What Happens When a Man Takes on the Feds,” by Sohrab Ahmari, illustrates two of the reasons why market forces regulate public health and safety better than government does, pretty much all the time. (I explore this in Part II of Free Our Markets.) TheContinue Reading

Spontaneous Order in a Skyscraper Slum

A wonderful former student, Jim Vinoski, sent me the following message today; I pass it on with my recommendation. The story he links us to is remarkable in a number of ways. Do watch the video (you must scroll down to read the story and get to the video link). I came across this linkContinue Reading

Sick of Stupid Systems

On our usual Sunday bicycle ride this morning, my wife and I got to the intersection of Roland Avenue and Northern Parkway with the red light against us. We stopped alongside five or six cars and waited. Waiting across Northern Parkway were another four or five cars on Roland, headed in the opposite direction. AsContinue Reading

Power Corrupts – An Illustration

Yesterday I received from the congressman from my district, John Sarbanes, a description of legislation he proposes called the Grassroots Democracy Act. It’s horrible. He brazenly proposes taxing the general population to provide campaign funds for himself and others like him, and he does so in slick, fair-sounding language that presents the rip-off as aContinue Reading

“Why Are There No Libertarian Countries?”

One of my best students from my former life as an English teacher in the 1970s recently posed this question to me on the Facebook page for my book: H, thoughts on this? “Why are there no libertarian countries? If libertarians are correct in claiming that they understand how best to organize a modern society,Continue Reading

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