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Profits in “Perfect” v. Actual Competition

“I learned in economics that in ‘perfect competition’ profits are zero, so any actual profits come from some kind of monopoly power. So how could profits be good?” This question was asked of me by a student at a recent economics seminar hosted by the Institute for Humane Studies. The simple explanation is that whileContinue Reading

How Free-Market Internet Will Protect the Little Guy

An earlier post gave a rights-based reason to oppose “Net Neutrality”: Internet service providers own their fiber optic cables, switches, and so on, the physical infrastructure of the Internet. It’s their property. Their rights to their own should be respected. Not everyone is persuaded by rights-based reasoning. Dan H., for example, discussing the post onContinue Reading

Let Market Forces Regulate – Airline Competition

Here’s an email I just sent one of my classes: Hello, History of Thought Students, This came into my mailbox in the last half hour. It illustrates the “activist anti-trust policy” that the Ordoliberals favored. From my classical liberal perspective it is another example of foolish restriction of competition. Competition is what enterprises do toContinue Reading

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